In Praise of Long-form Content

Yesterday I wrapped up work on my new book on Structured Writing and delivered it to the publisher. There will be more work to do, of course, after the pre-publication review process is complete, but in a broad sense, the book is done. That is, the arc of the book is complete.

Good books have an arc. Finding that arc is one of the great joys of long-form writing. Of course, this blog is about short form writing — about Every Page is Page One topics that serve a single discrete purpose for the reader. But in a sense even a book should fit that mold — should serve a single discrete purpose for the reader. The whole should be more than the sum of the parts. There should be an arc, something the book says that is more than an accumulation of details, and that allows the reader to see the details in a new light — and to act differently and, hopefully, more successfully, in that new light. read more

Revised outline: Every Page is Page One

coverBack in May, I published a preliminary outline of my book, Every Page is Page One: Topic-based Writing for Technical Communications and the Web. I’m grateful to all the people who commented on that outline, and all the people who have commented on the book in draft form. All of those comments have helped me refine and reorganize the book, which is now available from Amazon. Here’s what the current outline looks like:

Preface: In the Context of the Web

Even when content is not on line, the reader is. We don’t go online anymore, we are online all the time. All content is consumed in the context of the Web where Every Page is Page One. read more

Book Outline — Every Page is Page One

NOTE: There is a new book outline posted here: Revised Outline: Every Page is Page One. Comments on this version of the outline are closed. Thanks to all who commented.

As I announced a while back, I am working on a book called Every Page is Page One: Topic-based Writing for Technical Communication and the Web. The book is in pretty good shape at this point, so I wanted to share the outline with you to see if you have any feedback that I can incorporate before the last i is dotted and the last t is crossed. read more

The Place of the Book in an EPPO World

What is the role of the book in an Every Page is Page One world? The question is pertinent because I have just signed a contract with XML Press to write a book on Every Page is Page One.

Yes, I get the irony. But Every Page is Page One is not a statement about the universe. It is a statement about the Web, and about online systems that behave (or that users expect will behave) like the Web. On the Web, Every Page is Page One. The Web is, or is rapidly becoming, the dominant form of information exchange today, which means it shapes peoples habits and expectations for all media. But it is not the only form of information exchange, and it never will be. read more