A Sea Change Back Again

By | 2020/06/12

Last year I posted that this blog would be undergoing a sea change as I turned a page in my career to work on fiction rather than tech comm and content strategy. Rather than starting a new blog, I thought I would take the lazy way out and change the focus of this blog to the concerns of my new career. This, I am told by those who know in the fiction game, was a bad idea. So this blog is undergoing a sea change back to what it was before, a blog about technical communication and content strategy. It may see new posts from time to time, or it may not. Either way, it will stick around for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, I have started an new blog, Stories All the Way Down. That is where I will be posting regularly from now on, and my plan it to post a lot more often than I have been doing lately. I have also moved some posts from here over there, because they fit that blog better than this one. So please come and check out Stories All the Way Down, and if you subscribed to this site, and you care about anything I might have to say that is not about technical communication or content strategy, don’t forget to subscribe over there.

4 thoughts on “A Sea Change Back Again

  1. John Tait

    I tried to subscribe to the new blog but my email address seems to be ‘blacklisted’. That’s weird because I have almost zero social media presence (some ancient DITA and DocBook stuff) and I literally got my first smartphone two weeks ago.

  2. David Lance

    Welcome back To technical writing. I’m looking forward to reading your fiction. I’m writing a topic-based help system right now. It will be published using RoboHelp. The challenge is organizing the topics so I can manage them.

    1. Mark Baker Post author

      Thanks David. This blog is back to technical writing. I’m not. Not yet, anyway.


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