A sea change

By | 2019/01/07

This blog will be undergoing a sea change. For those not familiar with the term:

Coral reef
Copyright (c) 2004 Richard Ling

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange. 

Shakespeare, The Tempest

The rich and strange part may be a stretch, but the point is that sea changes are gradual and the victim … err, subject … does not always look good during the transformation, however rich and strange they may become in the end.

In Turning a Page, I noted that the focus of my work is changing going forward and asked for opinions on whether I should keep using this blog to explore my new interests or keep using this one. The majority voted for keeping this one, and while some of those who voted for a change made valid points, three considerations ultimately persuaded me to keep posting here:

  • Not only do I have an established audience, some of whom may be interested in my new direction, I also have an established page ranking in Google etc. so I will probably rank higher in searches if I continue here rather than trying to start something from scratch.
  • While “Every Page is Page One” was coined to express a fairly technical point about how people use the web, it also has more general and (I flatter myself to think) slightly romantic overtones which will suit a more wide ranging writer’s blog. Also, Every Page is Page One is a perfect description of the blog format itself.
  • It’s easier, and I’m lazy.

But as a more personal and more wide ranging blog, some changes in appearance and organization are in order. I have already changed all the categories on the site to help people filter by the kinds of subjects they may be interested in. (The old categories were actually rather whimsical, since I did not have any real categorization needs.)

I’ve just changed over to WordPress’s new 2019 theme, which I will work on customizing over however long it takes me. This means the blog may look different every time you visit it for a while.

I’m probably going to point my analecta.com URL over to this site as well at some point. Analecta was my company site when I had a company, but I plan on keeping the domain for life (to preserve my email address if nothing else). But maintaining more than one site does not seem to have any particular advantages anymore, and it is more work. So consolidation is likely soon.

3 thoughts on “A sea change

  1. Vinish Garg

    I see the sea change, Mark. Thanks for listing our conversation too, in Publications.
    Curious – You not interested to use Disqus to enable and manage comments?

    1. Mark Baker

      For the moment, I’m doing the absolute minimum tech stuff. I had thought I was going to convert everything over to a static site written in SAM and generated with SPFE, but for the time being at least, all the geek has gone out of me. For now, I am just a writer, and WordPress will have to do.


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