Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Long Tail and Why Docs are Frustrating

It is often a matter of some perplexity to technical writers that more and more people seem to prefer searching the Web rather than looking for information in the documentation. It is perplexing because information found through a Web search is of variable quality, sometimes hard to navigate, lacking in authority, and has to be… Read More »

Creativity in Structured Writing

One of the most frequent concerns that writers express about structured writing is that it will rob them of their opportunity for creativity. In itself, this is not an argument against a business adopting structured writing. Businesses don’t exist to provide creative outputs for writers, but to create products for customers and income for shareholders.… Read More »

Differential Content Strategy

Traditionally, the content strategy for technical communications has tended to be undifferentiated. That is, organizations would define the components of a doc set: user guide, admin guide, quick reference card, reference, etc, and would produce that same set of documents for every product and every product release from 1.0 to the very last release before… Read More »