Am I a Content Strategist?

I’m a fan of emerging technology, and generally tolerant of emerging terminology, but when it comes to job titles I tend to the view that if it was not mentioned in the Domesday Book, it isn’t a real job. I have, on diverse occasions, decried attempts to replace the title “technical writer” with something else, maintaining that as long as that is what the job ads call it, that’s what the job is called.

Thus I have been reluctant to call myself a content strategist. Scott Abel’s recent interview with Barbara Saunders indicates I am not the only one having doubts about the title. Yet many of the people I interact with professionally call themselves content strategists, and more than once those people have used the #contentstrategy tag when tweeting about my articles or blog posts. I seem to write a lot about the issues that content strategists care about, yet still I find myself reluctant to get the content strategist tattoo. read more

From Publications to Conversations

I am grateful to Connie Giordano for the invitation to contribute to techwr-l’s Integrated Technical Communications series. My contribution, It’s time for a New Doctrine of Technical Communications, appears today.

Connie’s request was prompted by a number of comments I have made recently on the future of tech pubs, but it forced me to think a little more deeply about where things are going. It is easy to get caught up in the constantly changing details of media and production tools, but all that stuff seems to me to obscure a much more profound change that is not a hypothetical future, but something already well underway: a shift in emphasis from publications to conversations. read more