Monthly Archives: January 2012

Videos Help Fill in the Gaps

It’s no secret that I am not the biggest fan of videos as a vehicle for technical communication. Not that my personal preferences have much to do with whether a video is the best medium for other people, but I’ve complained enough about videos in the past that should acknowledge when I find a video… Read More »

Are Docs a Responsibility or a Business Asset?

Do we write documentation to fulfill a responsibility, or to create a business asset? Are we striving to meet a set of requirements pronounced by either convention or regulation, or are we striving to increase corporate revenues and contribute to shareholder value? The question is provoked by an interesting discussion with Jonatan Lundin in the… Read More »

How Content Producers Get Collaboration Wrong

Content producers often find collaboration a hard slog. This is because they do it wrong. There are two fundamental ways you can collaborate. The first way is to enable everyone to contribute to the project by giving everybody access to everything and a means of communicating freely with everyone else on the team. I’ll call… Read More »