Are We Causing Readers to Forget?


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Could the way we organize content actually be causing readers to forget what they have read, or even why they were reading?

In a post on the Technical Communication Professionals Email List, Mike Tulloch provides a link to a study from Notre Dame that suggest that walking through doors causes people to forget things  ( The theory is, apparently, that passing through a doorway is a threshold event that triggers the mind to store away information, which then makes it harder to retrieve that information. Mike wonders if there may be similar threshold events in text: read more

EPPO Topics Conform to a Type

One of the more unexpected characteristics of Every Page is Page One topics, is that they tend to conform to a type. We tend to think of topic typing as something specific to structured writing, something that is not natural to how we write, but something that is imposed on content for the sake of making it available for reuse, of for some other purpose.

But if we look at the millions of Every Page is Page One topics that exist everywhere across the web, we find that an very large number of them actually show strong characteristics of topic typing. Conforming to a type is actually something that comes naturally to an Every Page is Page One topic. read more