Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Importance of Feedback to CMS Health

The transition from DTP to structured writing continues to be a bumpy one, and content management issues continue to plague many implementations. In many cases, the content management strategy depends on writers structuring things properly and they fall apart when writers fail to do so. For instance, reuse of chunks of information ought to make… Read More »

Fine chunking and translation apparently don’t mix either

The one concession I have been willing to make to the fine chunking characteristic of many DITA implementations is that it was a boon to translation. Apparently not so, according to a recent blog post on Content Rules. The problem is that fine chunking tends to obscure context, making the content impossible to translate reliably.… Read More »

Topics should merit their metadata

Tom Johnson (I’d Rather be Writing) provides an excellent summary of Weinberger’s Everything as Miscellaneous. He says “I have never read a more relevant book for technical communicators than Weinberger’s Everything Is Miscellaneous.” I wholly agree. Weinberger’s book is the seed of my own ideas on Every Page is Page One. Johnson identifies Weinberger’s central thesis,… Read More »