I am a well regarded speaker on a variety of topics related to Content Strategy, Technical Communications, and the Structured Writing. (See Tom Johnson’s review of my LavaCon 2012 presentation, “Include it all. Filter it afterward.” What Does “Every Page Is Page One” and “Include It All, Filter It Afterward” Mean?)

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please get in touch using the contact form.

Selected Speaking engagements

  • Information Architecture Bottom Up”, STC Summit 2014, Phoenix, May 18-21, 2014.
  • “Content is Architecture: Information Architecture in a World Where Every Page is Page One”, Intelligent Content Conference, San Jose, Feb 26-28, 2014
  • Every Page is Page One”, LavaCon, Portland, October 21–23, 2013
  • More Content in Less Time”, LavaCon, Portland, October 21–23, 2013
  • Every Page is Page One”, STC Summit, Atlanta, May 5-8, 2013
  • No More Broken Links”, STC Summit, Atlanta, May 5-8, 2013
  • Writing Every Page is Page One Topics”, Intelligent Content 2013, San Francisco, 2013
  • Podcast: Include It All, Filter It Afterwards — Interview with Mark Baker”, Tom Johnson’s I’d Rather Be Writing, December 11, 2012
  • Include it all. Filter it afterward.”, LavaCon, Portland, 2012
  • Managing Links for Content Reuse”, Xtech2012
  • “Introducing the SPFE Architecture”, CMS/DITA Conference, Baltimore, 2012
  • “Soft Linking”, CMS/DITA Conference, Baltimore, 2011.
  • More Content in Less Time”, STCEO 2005
  • “Content Refactoring”, Content Management Strategies 2004
  • “What make a Publishing System Tip?” Best Practices 2003
  • “Reuse is not Single Sourcing”, Content Management Strategies 2003
  • Multiple presentations, OMUG 2002
  • “Managing the Impact of Change”, Content Management, Strategies for Single Sourcing
  • “The Role of Names in Content Management”, XML2001, December 2001
  • “All Markup is Link Markup”, XMLWorld 2001, November 2001
  • “The Next Challenge: Up-translation”, XMLEdge 2001, October 2001
  • “Can XML Succeed Where SGML Failed?”, Documation 2000, November 2000
  • “OmniMark Today and Tomorrow”, Roadshow: Paris, Utrecht, Amsterdam, San Jose, Denver, Detroit, Washington, Rochester, October-November 2000
  • “XML Executive Overview”, XTech, February 2000
  • “Programming XML to WinHelp Conversions”, WinWriters Online Help Conference, March 2000
  • “Single Sourcing”, STC (Society for Technical Communication) Eastern Ontario Chapter, October 1999
  • “Single Sourcing with XML”, Single Source Summit, October 1999
  • “Designing an Information Set for Single Sourcing” (1 day workshop), Society for Technical Communication 46th Annual Conference, May 1999
  • “Database Programming with OmniMark”, OmniMark Developers Conference, May 1999
  • “Network Programming with OmniMark”, OmniMark Developers Conference, May 1999
  • “Single Sourcing WinHelp”, STC Eastern Ontario Chapter, January 1999
  • “Using Server Side XML to Build Individualized Web Pages,” IPCC ’98 (International Professional Communicators Conference), September 1998
  • “From Procedure to Process: Corporate Communications Online”, 11th Corporate Communications Conference, May 1998
  • “Designing Microdocument Architecture Systems”, OmniMark User’s Group Conference, April 98
  • “Information, Information Products, and XML”, Publish 98, March 1998
  • “From Document Design to Information Design”, SIGDOC 97, October 1997
  • “The Document is Dead”, IPCC ’96, October 1996
  • “Component Based Information Development”, SGML 95, December 1995
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